About Us – Badass Dog Names

Every dog deserves to have a great and unique name. There are many badass dog names for our tough canine friends. It isn’t always easy, however, to give your dog a name. But the process can be made easier by following some few important dog naming rules.

List of good dog namesA great place to start is by considering the dog breed. The shedding Chihuahua, for example, is one of the smallest dog breeds.

But the breed has a reputation of being feisty! A dog name such as Hercules might sound ridiculous but might fit a bossy Chihuahua.

Jaws, Killer, Hunter, Princess and Alice are good dog names for a hunting dog breed such as Shiba Inu and the Akita dog.

Why not use your dog’s coat color to give him/ her a great name? Unique color-based dog names include White, Brown, Blackie and Red.

Other badass dog names can fit any dog breed. Simba is an African dog name that is Swahili for “Lion”.

The name Simba is a popular pet name in Africa. But it is also getting popular globally due to its use in Movies such as Disney’s Lion King.

Looking for a Unique Dog Name?

A dog owner can also use their pet’s personality to get them a great dog name. Big dog breeds can be named Hercules, Champ, Giant, Butch or Beowolf. Or just call your dog Wolf.

Some of the most popular dog names are easy to pronounce. And your dog will have an easy time remembering their name. These dog names include Sam, Sunshine, Max, Daisy, Sue and Leo. We are continually updating the lists of unique dog names on this website. Use it to get your friend and companion a great and badass dog name.