Shiba Inu Names: List of 30+ Cute & Good Shiba Inu Names

Here are cute, good Shiba Inu names. Shiba dogs are medium sized hunting dogs. They love their families and love to chase. The Shiba dog names are for both male and female dogs. A Shiba is brave and energetic. This dogs coat is tough, enabling the dog to live in harsh climate and terrain.

This is the reason why most Shiba Inu owners will give their loyal canine friend a name that suggests toughness, speed, agility and bravery. The Japanese Spitz dog breed also sheds heavily twice in a year. This process is commonly referred to as blowing their coat. Their soft undercoat actually!

Shiba Inu Names: 30+ Cute & Good Shiba Inu Names

The following are some of the most popular Shiba Inu names. Some of the names are badass! They include male and female Shiba Inu names.

  • Speed – a badass dog name for the Shiba Inu who loves to run and chase
  • Daisy – this is a female dog name. Dogs named Daisy are bossy, elegant, loving and sometimes independent. Shiba Inu love to groom themselves, and this is a great female Shiba Inu name.
  • Killer – a good Shiba Inu name for a dog who loves to hunt
  • Claws – denotes strength, courage and fierce personality
  • Jack – a popular male dog name
  • Bella – This is a cute female Shiba Inu name that fits a beautiful dog
  • Shiba/ Sheba – Remember the biblical Queen of Sheba?
  • Bruno – A male name with a German origin. Bruno means Shield/ Armor
  • Alice – this female dog name is of German origin. It means “noble”, an apt description for the majestic Shiba dog
  • Jaws – A good dog name for a hunting dog breed such as Shiba Inu
  • Hunter – Shiba dogs were bred to hunt small animals such as rabbits, ducks and swans. They also love chasing birds.
  • Red/ Brownie/ Blackie – There are black Shiba dogs, as well as white (cream), tan and sesame. But most Shibas have a reddish coat color
  • White – Shiba dogs are clean dogs who groom themselves just like cats do. This is a great name for a white-coated Shiba Inu.
  • Sam – this is a popular male dog name for all dog breeds
  • Scout – Good Shiba Inu name for a dog who loves to hunt or do guarding duties
  • Wolf – Spitz dogs have a wolf-like appearance. The Shiba Inu belongs to the Spitz dog breeds.
  • Buster – a good name for dogs such as Shiba Inu who are physically strong
  • Lucky – Does your Shiba Inu bring good luck?
  • Sassy – a cute Shiba Inu name for a dog who is cheeky, lively and full of life
  • Bear – Good for a Shiba dog with his/ her furry coat and strong personality.
  • Simba – An African/ Swahili dog name. Simba is “Lion” in Swahili language
  • Angel – A sweet name for a female Shiba Inu
  • Beau – means sweetheart, boyfriend, lover. A great male Shiba Inu name for a loved and faithful dog.
  • Belle – female version of “Beau”
  • Prince/ Princess – Prince for the male and Princess for the female Shiba Inu
  • Sabre – a tough dog name
  • Armani – An Italian name that means “free”. This dog name is for both male and female Shiba Inu
  • Gus – A tough dog name for your canine companion
  • Kifaru – A Swahili dog name for a brave dog who likes to bully other dogs. Kifaru is Swahili for “Rhinoceros”
  • Shadow – good dog name for a dog who can move stealthily while hunting
  • Chaos – Does your Shiba Inu love to cause a commotion?
  • Rocky – a male dog name for dogs who have a strong personality and are hardy
  • Ragnor – a good male Shiba Inu name that means “Warrior from the gods”. It denotes a strong and powerful personality
  • Charlie – a great dog name for a pet who is warm-hearted and loving. This Shiba Inu name is easy to pronounce
  • Ben – a common male dog name that is the short form of Benjamin or Benedict
  • Pepper – A great name for a male or female Shiba Inu who has a feisty attitude.
  • Jet/ Jett – denotes speed
  • Duke – a good dog name that denotes royalty and leadership. The female version is “Duchess”
  • Sammy – A good Shiba Inu name for a Shiba dog who has an easy-going attitude

Good Hunting Dog Names

Shiba Inu Names
Good Shiba Inu Names

It is important that the Shiba Inu name that you give your pet is short and easy to remember. In addition, a good dog name should also not sound like common dog commands such as “sit”. We hope that you will find a cool name for your canine friend from the above list of good Shiba Inu names.